Iredale Architecture was one of the earliest adopters of sustainable design strategies and contributed to the development of LEED standards in the early 2000s. We have incorporated practices for environmental standards in our projects since the early eighties and have facilitated numerous presentations regarding the science of sustainable building design.

We are efficient in providing cost effective measures in green design solutions that translate into significant long-term cost savings for our clients. For each project, we consider the building’s site context, the nature of the building occupancy and climatic conditions to identify unique energy-saving opportunities. Our specifications emphasize improved lighting and heating techniques to save energy, and safe finishes that avoid off-gasses. Many of our projects employ solar panels, micro-wind turbines, heat recovery units and geo-exchange wells to reduce energy-use. Other sustainable approaches include Passive House Standards, which drastically reduce the amount of energy required for space heating or cooling, and provide excellent indoor air quality and comfort levels.

With over ten LEED accredited professionals on staff, we are qualified to undertake the LEED certification process in-house. We are also experienced in facilitating Passive House and Net-Zero Energy designs.


The Exchange Tower, Vancouver, BC
LEED® Platinum Certified

North Saanich Middle School, North Saanich, BC
LEED® Gold Certified

TD Bank River District
LEED® Silver Certified


Doig River Cultural Centre, Rose Prairie, BC
Targeting Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certification

West Moberly Health Centre, Moberly Lake, BC
Targeting Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certification


Kay Meek Arts Centre, West Vancouver, BC

Kelset Elementary School, North Saanich, BC

Salt Spring Island Library, Salt Spring, BC

J.W. Sexsmith Elementary School, Vancouver, BC

Squamish Adventure Centre, Squamish, BC

Bank of Montreal, Various, BC