Founded in 1980, Iredale Architecture is a mid-size, full-service architecture firm with offices in Vancouver and Victoria. In addition to architecture, our team has expertise in building envelope science, interior design, space planning, master planning, heritage rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, and LEED and Passive House facilitation. We provide services for a wide range of projects including civic and cultural, educational, facilities and operations, commercial and residential. Our Clients include municipalities, government agencies, school districts, First Nations, developers, industrial groups, retailers, and private companies and individuals.

The five firm Principals – David Bootsman, Graham Coleman, James Emery, Peter Hildebrand, and Richard Iredale – are involved in the day-to-day work of the firm, leading and mentoring our team of associates, technologists, and other professionals.

We believe architecture has a key role to play in shaping communities and promoting sustainable practices, and offer the following key benefits to our Clients:

  • Two Principals on each project – the first to act as the dedicated point person and the second to conduct an internal review of all deliverables, to ensure quality control.
  • An integrated approach to project management and design to develop a well-defined scope, vision, and objectives, and to encourage innovation and synergies between building systems.
  • Expertise in designing buildings reflective of their contextual environments, using appropriate form language, and integrating local landscapes, colours, and textures.
  • Efficiency in providing cost-effective, green design solutions that translate into significant long-term cost savings for our clients.
  • Concise and clear communication strategies in an open dialogue environment to keep all parties apprised of the project expectations, important milestones, and budgetary considerations.
  • Mitigation of risks through methodical site documentation, regular cost exercises, thorough coordination during the design, and tight control of scope during construction.


The Iredale Partnership is founded


Firm begins operating as Iredale Group Architecture


Merges with Blewett Dodd Architecture Ltd. (Vancouver)


Merges with Ib G. Hansen Architect Ltd. (Vancouver)


Merges with Chang Holovsky Architects (Victoria)


Begins operating as Iredale Architecture