Gingerbread Houses for Kids in Transition Homes

Iredale Group Architecture built creative gingerbread houses for children staying at two BC transition homes. North Vancouver’s Sage Transition House and Victoria’s The Cridge Transition House for Women offer safe places for women and their children fleeing domestic violence.


The gingerbread project started off as a design challenge to do something non-traditional with the cookie kits. From there, the entire firm ran with it. “Basically we just wanted to do something that was related to architecture but that would help the kids make their Christmas a little bit better since they’re going through a lot of change,” said Katheleen Dixon, Marketing Director at Iredale. “And having worked with the two homes this past year on other projects, we felt like we wanted to do something that was very nice.”


One of the gingerbread houses was made to look like the Sith Temple from “Star Wars,” which was inspired by all of the current hype for “Episode VII.” The team used marshmallows to make storm troopers and topped them off with Santa hats made out of icing. Red guards were made out of fondant, fountains were made out of blue candy canes, and the reflecting pool was filled with Jujubes. A second scene depicts “The Simpsons,” while a third shows the streets and canals of Amsterdam.


The project was featured in Huffington Post: View Original Article Here