The Youngest Architecture Enthusiasts We Know

Iredale Group is designing the new main entrance, Learning Commons and science wing for Brockton School, a small private IB school in North Vancouver. During one of our working meetings, the school principal had an unusual request: would we invite a group of primary school students to our office?


Towards the end of Grade 6, students undertake a trimester-long project on the topic of their choice. This year, four students who chose architecture visited Iredale to get a glimpse of an architectural firm at work. Christine Wang, an architect at the firm, introduced the group to a few of the central concepts in architectural design and construction, using the addition to their own school as a case study. The students were immersed in blueprints and renderings for the better part of an hour, piping in only when they needed further details for their reports. (see photo)

The visit also included a Q&A session, in which students had masses of questions: “How did you know you wanted to be an architect?” “How old were you?” Where do you get your best ideas?” Along with Christine, Iredale partners James Emery and Peter Hildebrand engaged in a spirited discussion with the small group of dedicated students.