RASHMI RAJPAL | Architectural Graduate 

Rashmi Rajpal has over four years’ experience in the architectural sector working on urban design and planning for residential, hospitality and institutional projects. Since working at Iredale Architecture, Rashmi has honed her design and consultant coordination skills. She prides herself in understanding the client’s needs and designing accordingly while considering style, safety and sustainability.

Rashmi is creative, adaptable and collaborative. She is constantly learning new design techniques for the built environment. She believes architecture is the art of creating not only the built form but also the surroundings. She is interested in creating spaces that elicit emotion, provide comfort, and endure through time.


B.Arch., Sir J.J. College of Architecture, University of Mumbai (India)


Kay Meek Arts Centre, West Vancouver
Fire Hall No. 12 Seismic Upgrade, Vancouver
TD Bank Cambie, Vancouver
TD Bank Colwood