This area is home to the large Adams River salmon run which passes through the Lower Thompson River right at the entrance to the reserve. The river runs full with these salmon making their way back to their spawning grounds. The strength and determination of this species seems appropriate as a metaphor for the band’s new centre of government. Borrowing from the salmon’s form, colour, and texture, the building strives to capture the essence of this creature through the appropriate interpretation of these elements. From the shape of the floor plan, to the colour of the cladding material, to the use of the perforated metal scales for shading the south elevation, the building pays homage to the salmon without becoming too literal in its interpretation. The planted roof of the building’s public realm provides excellent insulation and a soft contrast to the other finishes. Breaking through this grassy layer is the form of the council chamber light well, with its timber elements echoing the lean-to structures that were used for shelter.


Adams Lake Indian Band



Chase, BC



27,000 square feet



Structural, Civil, & Geotechnical Engineering


Peter Hildebrand